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Tromsostan is a property investment company founded in 1974 by Dennis Brown who with great foresight created a very profitable and thriving company for the primary purpose of providing buildings for the commercial sector.

This includes office space, storage, workshops as well as residential letting's. The office space can be a single desk to 10 desk start up rooms on a all inclusive rate, which would include furniture, heating and lighting all you would pay is the telephone.

We also offer for bigger more established companies a chance to take on a full repairing and insurance lease on multiple room suites of offices or an entire block, these would normally be refitted to suit the needs of the tenant.

We usually find that our bigger tenants started with us on a start up room and progressed onto a suite of offices. With our in house help these sort of moves are relatively painless.

Tromsostan has also been able to purchase the freehold of a building solely to lease the building back to a tenant who have found the need to relocate to a different area or have outgrown there space.

In the recent years Tromsostan has ventured into the residential market with quite a good measure of success. We now boast a portfolio of 8 residential properties all of which have a high yield and very sort after.

The rental income for commercial and residential provides the funds to run Tromsostan, refurbish existing buildings and invest in new properties, so as to expand the companies portfolio.

Dennis Brown has put an emphasis on the company to be run as a friendly family business where all employees are encouraged to express there views on matters they think will improve Tromsostan's name. The result allows it to be a friendly atmosphere where employees are all long serving and staff turnover is non-existence.